Get "Fit By Marina" are workouts that will change your life!

My unique approach provides personal attention and I dedicate 100% to each and every class to provide the true workout experience...

About Marina
  • BA Finance /Marketing
  • Certified in Holistic Nutrition
  • Certified in Piloxing
  • BUTI Yoga Advanced Training
  • Certified in BUTI YOGA
  • Certified in BUTI BANDS
  • Certified in BUTI SCULPT
  • Certified in Piyo
  • 500 Hour Yoga Teacher Training 
  • KIZOMBA Training
  • Certified Personal Trainer
  • Certified Group Fitness Instructor



After graduating college with BA in Finance/Marketing, I worked for a fortune 500 investment firm in New York. During those years I had come to realize that it was not my calling in life, especially after giving birth to my 1st born and not being able to spend time with him because of a gruesome work schedule. Shortly thereafter I was pregnant with our 2nd son and we decided that I would stay home and raise our 2 boys.

When my boys went off to grade school, I knew I would not be content with staying home. My energetic spirit would not allow it. It was then that I had come to realize my calling in life. I truly felt in my element while working out and participating in physical fitness, even more so when I trained others and I decided to pursue my dream.

I wanted to bring a unique, new type of workout that I wouldn't get bored with, because I hated machines and didn’t like to pump iron. I wanted to become lean and toned, but still have my curves. I found tremendous gratification in providing other women with a hardcore workout that showed results.

I have a passion for my craft and it shows. I enjoy meeting different women and having a positive impact on their lives after I have provided the roadmap to a healthier body and lifestyle. I love to see the satisfaction when I help them meet their goals of weight loss, see how their bodies transform and to hear them say "You changed my life", or "I finally fit into those jeans that have sat in my closet since I bought them."

I believe that women need to love and take good care of their bodies. We need to create balance between work and family. There will always be something, however I feel you need to be disciplined and prioritize things in life, with physical fitness being right up there with one of the most important things to achieve first. You cannot neglect taking care of your body and health. My wish is to have my ladies to be physically fit, sexy, and powerful in every way and most of all healthy.

Why My Studio?

I know your choice wouldn't be to participate in a class with 30-40 individuals - lost in the crowd, no one pushing you, no one correcting your form, no individual attention!

My unique approach offers just that, boutique style service! We provide that personal attention and dedicate 100% to each and every class to provide that true workout experience.

We choose from the latest music mix to keep our clients energized and excited to come to the studio and experience new and innovative routines every day! 

Our price point is truly competitive and our reviews speak for themselves.

Surpass your fears, challenge your limits and GO FOR IT!!