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Full Body Cryotherapy - Spot Treatment Cryotherapy - Cryofacial are services performed at our 2nd Studio located at 356 Rt. 9N Manalapan, NJ 07726. Please visit for more information on group classes, private training and Cryotherapy.

How Cryo Therapy works

During treatment the user stands on an adjustable platform inside octagonal-shaped chamber which insures that their head remains outside the chamber. A technician fills the impact cryo therapy chamber with nitrogen vapor, which drops the temperature of the chamber to a range of (minus) – 100C to -150C which temporarily lowers the temperature of the skin’s top layer.  The treatment last a maximum of 3 minutes. Your skin temperature drops 40-50 degrees, basically to freezing.  This tricks the brain to thinking you are freezing. The brain triggers a systemic reaction in the blood stream that creates anti- inflammatory proteins. Those proteins are what decreases inflammation. Once out of the chamber, the body immediately reheats.  Along with the decrease of inflammation, you will get an endorphin rush. Cryotherapy also boosts your metabolism, burning up to 800 calories in a 3 minute session and increase in energy as well.

Additional benefits:
1)  Strengthen immune system
2)  Skin toning
3)  Managing chronic pain
4)  Better sleep
5)  Injury recovery
6)  Improved athletic performace
7)  Improved Libido

                       2 SESSIONS - $100
Other packages might be available, check with the studio.

What to wear during treatment: Suggested clothing options are underwear, shorts, bra optional, bathing suit.  Less clothing will maximize exposure. Remove all jewelry or metal piercings located below your neck.
What to expect: You should arrive 15 minutes prior to your appointment. Please visit our website to download and fill out the liability waiver on line to save time. You may also fill it out in the studio prior to your session.
Upon your arrival, you will be escorted to a changing room. A robe, thermal gloves and long thermal socks along with rubber slippers will be provided to you.  You may also bring your own.  Please keep in mind that socks have to go up to your knees. Then proceed to another room with the Cryo Therapy machine. You will walk into a chamber in your robe, socks and gloves, and disrobe to start. The session lasts 3 minutes. At the end of the session, you will be handed the robe and taken back to a changing room.