Get "Fit By Marina" are workouts that will change your life!

My unique approach provides personal attention and I dedicate 100% to each and every class to provide the true workout experience...


Marinochka you are an amazing trainer! Your dedication passion and professionalism is truly unique and very special! I have tried everything after the birth of my 3rd:) and no gym and no other trainer could've done what you did in short 8 weeks. And it's only the beginning! I am so happy to be back with you and all your beautiful and supporting girls!! It's a new lifestyle and I am sooo loving it!!
Yelena Gerts
Marina is definitely passionate about what she does and it shows, she gives her all to each and everyone one of us, I love coming to her class, she definitely gets you past your comfort zone , and that where the change in your body starts. I look forward to every class and to challenge myself. MARINA makes classes fun and you will definitely feel good about yourself. Thank you Marina!
Christine Leone Pucciarelli
I came to Marina's studio a year ago and it changed my life. I have been to various gyms throughout my life and has never seen such tremendous effects on my body and approach to fitness!!! I lost almost 40 lbs during the Challenge and continue making Marina's classes a part of my life!!! If you want to look and feel great, no other studio will have such amazing effects on you as Marina's!!!
Evgenia Ribinik
I was introduced to Marina's Fitness Studio by my friend. I wished I knew about Marina 's Studio before and not waste hours on trade mill.. In a recent years my body changed a lot... I felt like I was wearing a suit in some other body, that was not mine. I was desperate to make a change. I have tried every work out and and not much results. I have been actually able to see results only recently when I started to take classes with Marina. Don't get me wrong it's Hard Work! But My confidence in my body and my soul definitely gone up ! Thank you Marinochka very much! You are literally changing my body and my life!!!!!
Olga Orak
Walked into marinas fitness studio 3 months ago and became addicted! She is a perfect role model who is passionate about what she does. Marina cares about each person who trains with her. No matter how full the class is she pays attention to everyone, fixing our form and encouraging us to challenge our bodies. The routines are always being switched up and new moves are introduced weekly.
Abby Livshitz
I have been going to Marina's fitness studio for about 6 months now. Ladies, there is nothing better! This will change your life not only physically but all around! Besides seeing great improvement in my body, I feel so much more energized and empowered! Going to Marina's studio was one the best thing I did for myself. Thank you Marina!!!
Yana White
Marina is by far one of the best trainers I have ever trained with. She gives out a 110% to her customers and truly cares to transform them and lead them to a healthier hence better quality lifestyles. Be it nutritional or fitness advise, Marina is very knowledgeable in her field of expertise. Besides professional attributes, Marina is an absolute joy, happy-spirit and a role model to be around! Therefore 5+++ stars!
Suzanna Badalov
The most AMAZING workout ever!! Fun and energetic. Muscles hurt (in a good way) that I did not know existed. But best of all, Marina has her eye on every single girl in her class, making sure the moves are performed correctly and properly.
Yana Katri
I just started taking Piloxing with Marina, and I'm hooked. I'm sore in muscles I didn't even know I had! Not only is the workout fantastic, the class schedule is also great. Highly recommended.
Victoria McKee Jaworski
Marina is fantastic! I am a beginner and she gives everyone attention during the class! She makes you work hard! Fantastic! Looking forward to learning the routines, getting stronger and being able to keep up lol. In addition, lots of options for class times!
Vera Mittiga
Piloxing with Marina is amazing! Her class feels more like a dance party than a workout! Her energy is contagious and her personality is magnetic. I look forward to each class!
Renay Bruselovsky
Best full body workout around!!!!!!!! And most amazing, energetic, knowledgeable instructor! You will fall in love with Marina!!!!
Melissa Golub Feldstein
Marina is really good. She is proficient in targeting all muscle groups. I enjoy how she has varieties in her work outs. She is THE BEST trainer, that has amazing sweet personality, and never judges anybody!!!!!!!!!! Great attitude, amazing energy, tons of insparation, and her smiley face.....thats what brings me back!!!

I highly recomend her!
Piloxing-super fat blasting work out!
Barre Tonning-prepare to be sore for days
Yoga-ohhhh i just love it, your muscles will thank you for sure!
Valerie Futorska-Davidson
I have been taking classes w/Marina for over a year. She is hands down the best instructor! She makes all her customers feel special, because she cares about you! I have taken all of her classes, staring from Piloxing, Barre and Yoga, all of them are superb!!! I really enjoy yoga, it's my fav class. I am obsessed with it, because when I take this class after long day at work, it makes u feel so good/relaxed, and the meditation session at the end of the classes will take your mind different places.....sometimes I feel like a bird who can fly!

Thank you Marina!
Ella Vulakh
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