Breath Meditation Workshop & TAROT
October 12, 2023 11am - 1pm

Breath is life. In this workshop, we'll proctice the flow of breath to balance the body and mind; bathe in sound healing vibrations to reach a peaceful state of mind and pull Tarot cards to gain deeper wisdom and guidance.
Breath is a powerful practice designed to move creative energy that rests dormant at the base of the spine and direct it to the pineal gland in the brain. When we use the breath to liberate that stored energy and release it to the brain, we move out of survival and into creation. Once we understand the function and purpose of the breath, we can execute it with more intention and ease. Any time we learn something new, it takes commitment, discipline and practice. I encourage you to approach it with curiosity, patience and kindness. Please do not be late.
No eating/drinking 2 hours before.
No perfume or scented lotion.
It's a mystical experience for so many, but everyone is unique, so keep an open mind!

Couples Vedic Thai Workshop
October 14, 2023 2pm - 3:30pm

When two givers indulge in a connection, it’s like magic. It’s alchemy. This workshop will help you reconnect, work on trust and intimacy. One of the primary objectives of Vedic Bodywork, is to detect obstructions and interferences within the interfacing energy channels. To liberate and allow consciousness to flow and radiate freely. Releasing decades of thwarted intentions, unfulfilled expectations and undelivered communications along with other psycho-somatic hindrances in the body. Vedic technique provide a true feeling of a freedom and euphoria, while releasing tension and pain in the physical body. You will be amazed at how magically things fall into place once you let go of the illusion of control and have fun with your partner. Everything you want is on the other side of fear! Truly romantic things in life are those little things you do to show you care. True love is “no matter what, I got you."

Please bring: water and large comforter/blanket
Price for 2 people $135

November 01, 2023 7pm - 9pm

The Angolan dance, Kizomba, is known by many as “the sexiest dance ever”. It’s an extremely beautiful and sensual dance, besides explosive and contagious, which conquered the world in recent years.
This workshop is for beginners, intermediate and advanced. Anyone who wants to learn this sensual dance is welcome. We will learn body isolations, waves, hip rolls, twerk, musicality and some fun choreo.
Join us for this fun night!